Advanced Three-Day
® Leadership Workshop

Building on the previous three-day workshop, Advanced Values-Based® Leadership assists your group in deepening and further developing both your inner and outer leadership capabilities.

Specifically, we will develop and practice eight inner leadership capabilities and eight outer capabilities. We'll learn how to apply them in nine universal organizational situations.

We'll focus on the inner awareness necessary to prevent the five kinds of victim behavior that erode leadership, cause morale to deteriorate and bring about a "victim cycle." Participants learn to pause when their values are violated and to disagree without being disagreeable. Furthermore, you will learn explicit methods to heal the underlying causes of these behaviors. Using VBL skills, differences can then become the primary source for the innovation and creativity that leads to greater organizational prosperity. This happens through practicing the VBL victim cycle antidotes.

Each person becomes much more accountable for the achievements of the whole organization with each person participating at near 100%.

Objectives of the Advanced VBL Foundation Skills Workshop

Advanced VBL Workshop Steps

1. Deepen the skills of VBL
2. Access your Skills: Pinpoint developed and undeveloped areas
3. Apply Skills on Real Issues: Expanding the Leadership Development Laboratory
4. Explore Victim Cycle Antidotes and Healthy Self Develpment
5. Follow up Planning: How to Continue the Progress.