Articles about Kelly Gerling,
VBL, and The Leadership Project

Profile: Kelly Gerling, by Leigh Spencer from Nelson Marlborough Health Services, Nelson, New Zealand, November, 2000

Hailing from Kansas, "the land of Dorothy and Toto" as he's often heard to quip, Kelly Gerling is only too aware of how difficult it can be helping people interact with others, helping people change old habits and helping re-direct large organisations with their various historical cultures.

However, for five years he's now been supporting us from afar in our commitment to the principles of Values-Based Leadership.

So where did VBL come from? It started from a personal tragedy in Kelly's life. . . .

A Model of Leadership, by David Smith from Nelson Marlborough Health Services, Nelson, New Zealand, November, 1996

What makes a good leader? Now that's quite a question in the current political environment! It's also a pertinent question in any organisation.

We recently had the opportunity to hear from Dr Kelly Gerling, an American researcher . . .

US Consultant Champions Lange's Style,, by Anna Smith, The Dominion, Wellington, New Zealand, September 20, 1995

BUSINESS executives in search of a leadership style to take them into the next century may need to look no further than David Lange.

The former prime minister shows at least two attributes no new-age leader should be without, a visiting consultant from the United States says.

Kelly Gerling met Mr Lange last week when he was in Wellington to speak to business leaders. . . .

Organisation aims to prepare leaders for 21st Century, by Victoria Sizemore Long, The Kansas City Star, March 15, 1992

Kelly Patrick Gerling has been an educator for 22 of his 38 years.

He taught swimming and diving to children at the Roeland Park pool when he was a 16 year old high school student. He taught those same skills again as a student working his way through Arizona State University in Tempe.

Today, Gerling is president of a local organization that seeks to provide the most effective leadership training possible.

Better leadership is needed as the world moves into the 21st century, Gerling said. . . .