What Our Clients Say

"Values-Based Leadership makes most leadership training programs look like exercises in futility. What I liked best about this program is that it emphasizes the inner self, not just the external characteristics - it's about steering the great ship of life . . . not rearranging the deck chairs. If you're ready to use your inner strength and hidden leadership skills to achieve new goals for yourself, your family, organization or company, Values-Based Leadership will give you a jump start. I found the experience valuable and immediately useful."

Phelps Murdock, Former Executive Director, Kansas City Industrial Council


"With VBL, you can unlock the mystery of great leadership and put it to work every day. Discover your own values and ways to express them authentically using state-of-the-art skills."

John Anderson, CIO, LibertyBay.com, Tacoma, WA


"The Leadership Project gave me the ability to do many things at a more efficient and much higher level of sophistication than I ever imagined possible. This program gave me a new perspective in relating with people and myself."

Gordon Poeschel, Senior VP, Bayer Inc., Kansas City, MO


"Kelly has the rare talent of merging employee issues with organizational issues to achieve a win/win situation. Through Values-Based Leadership (VBL), he has taught our organization a very useful set of tools to enhance relationships and effectively handle even the most sensitive of issues. I fully endorse Kelly as a person and as a professional, and I have great respect for his abilities and trust in his counsel."

David C. Hatch, Fmr. President and COO, Millennial Assurance Services, Houston, TX


"Nelson Marlborough Health Services has always prided itself on developing strong team work at a corporate level, but that was nothing compared to the development following the VBL programme. Now, departments are actively asking to participate in further programmes. I believe VBL is the key to the growth of a healthy, sustainable, fun organisation."

Glenys Baldick, CEO, Nelson Marlborough Health Services, Nelson, New Zealand


"Your Values-Based Leadership concept is on target as a basis for opening effective communication across all levels. And you know me, I like the emphasis on fun! As I look at the tremendous growth of Heart to Heart over our short history, I am proud of our effectiveness both internally and externally. I hope you take pride in us as well, as you have played a significant role in shaping our organizational culture."

Gary Morsch, M.D., M.P.H. President and Founder, Heart to Heart International, Olathe, KS


"Kelly Gerling's Values-Based Leadership is amazing. We are in an extremely high-growth phase and I credit VBL with helping us to thrive. We are all happier, healthier and wealthier thanks to VBL. Thank you Kelly!"

William G. Hammond, President and Founder, Elder and Disability Law Firm, Overland Park, KS


"This program exceeded my concept and belief of what leadership could be. The Values-Based approach is nothing less than profound. Thank you!"

Robin Cunningham, Fmr. CEO, Cunningham Automotive Group, Kansas City, MO