Leadership Coaching: VBL One On One

Get customized guidance for achieving your personal leadership development goals. Values-Based Leadership provides you with a learnable set of leadership development skills that enable you to create a corporate culture where leaders emerge everywhere and a corporate spirit that brings out creativity, innovation and enthusiasm. These one-on-one sessions will allow you or one of your key people to focus on individual needs - and the needs of your organization. One-on-one coaching takes place in conveniently scheduled half-day sessions, and includes follow-up consultation for one year by telephone. Ask for our brochure about this service if you want more information.

How You Will Benefit

This process brings out more of the extraordinary leader within you. You can enhance your career by further developing as a leader. We all possess unique values, capabilities and visions of the future. By embarking on this journey of learning, you will get customized coaching in bringing out more of the extraordinary leader within you. Your team will benefit through your enhanced leadership. Your family will benefit because Values-based Leadership applied to your family will create more family happiness. And most of all, you will benefit by becoming more effective as a leader while you create deeper fulfillment within yourself.

How Your Organization Will Benefit

An organization is no better than its weakest leader. When organizations further the development of their leaders, they benefit because the transformation of organizations starts with the development of leaders. This ongoing enhancement of organizational culture is necessary to survive and prosper in today's competitive business climate.


What is the Human Foundation for Transformation?

Organizational transformation takes place in primarily two ways. Total quality management brings about gradual, evolutionary change. Process reengineering brings about paradigm-shifting, revolutionary change through whole new processes. These two kinds of change are necessary to survive and prosper in the competitive global marketplace. Both of these methods of change require a special foundation: a corporate culture where leaders emerge everywhere. Values-based Leadership gives you an explicit, learnable set of leadership development skills to create such a corporate culture.

How You Will Learn

In the privacy of his office, Kelly will help you through methods of accelerated learning. You'll develop your leadership capabilities through conversational processes, video analysis, customized audio tapes, leadership assessments, direct coaching, feedback, situational analysis and more. Some clients want a completely customized program. Others want a structured program such as the one outlined below.

Structured Learning Program

Twelve Sessions

Session 1 - Discovering Your Mission and Values
Session 2 - The Leadership Cycle / Victim Cycle
Session 3 - Integrity Processes and Your Healthy Self
Session 4 - Seeing Good in Others - Values Systems
Session 5 - Empathy Processes & Apologizing Skills
Session 6 - Vision Processes -- Wide Angle and Long Term
Session 7 - Objectivity / Logical Thinking Processes
Session 8 - Preventing Victim Behavior
Session 9 - Coaching & Mentoring Skills
Session 10 - Requesting & Negotiation Skills
Session 11 - Learning Victim Cycle Antidotes
Session 12 - Organizational Learning & Presentations
Follow up consulting for one year by telephone.

Our Two Types of Coachinig Programs

You can either get VBL Coaching for situations, or go through a structured program.

If your organization (and you) has gone through six days of the two three-day VBL Foundation Skills Workshops (or the equivalent) to learn the foundation skills of VBL, then it is best to get coaching on a situational basis. With feedback from others, you decide on your goals for VBL Coaching One on One, and you pursue them directly in your sessions with Kelly Gerling. If you want a structured program prior to your organization's involvement with VBL, then you can choose a structured program, such as those sessions listed on the next column. You'll not only learn these skills, you'll also learn to apply them to specific situations in your organization.