Kelly Patrick Gerling, Ph.D.

Kelly has over three decades of experience as a change agent in many roles, including as a counselor, hypnotherapist, marriage and family therapist, life coach, mediator, workshop leader, leadership facilitator, NLP trainer, public speaker, and writer. 
Kelly's mission is being a change agent for others to help them become happier, more healthy, more fully developed persons, who, as leaders, can think and act effectively in the world to make a positive difference. His work is supported by applying the ideas, insights and latest advances of cognitive science, psychology, NLP, social science, and other emerging fields. 
Starting in 1978, he began his practice as a change agent in which he works with individuals, couples, physicians and many types of of professionals as a counselor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, life-coach and workshop leader. 
In 1991 he created The Leadership Project, Inc. to help organizations become healthier, more creative, and more effective. 
Kelly got his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Resources from Arizona State University in 1976, and a Master of Arts degree in Human Relations and General Counseling from Governor's State University in 1978. In 1988 he completed a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at American Commonwealth University in San Diego. During his doctoral work he studied with family therapists Ramon Corrales and Larry Ro-Trock; NLP co-founder John Grinder; and one of the co-founders of family therapy, Virginia Satir. His 567-page doctoral dissertation is titled Universals of Negotiation.
He is co-author of the top-selling tape series and book NLP: The New Technology of Achievement (Nightingale-Conant, 1991 and William Morrow, 1994). He also contributed to a book on alternative education called Creating Learning Communities. He has published many articles about therapeutic change, organizational change, learning, communication and healthy relationships. He was certified as an Approved Mediator in Core and Domestic Mediation in the State of Kansas by the Kansas Supreme Court Office of Judicial Administration in 2006. 
Kelly is a former president and board member of the Kansas City Chapter of the United Nations Association. 
Kelly lives in both the Portland Oregon Area, and the Kansas City Area.