VBL Advanced Development Sessions

These customized sessions provide practical opportunities to practice Values-Based® Leadership skills on real issues. Whether the issues are organizational or interpersonal, Kelly Gerling will facilitate your group or team so that your people will apply VBL skills on the spot. Group size varies from 6 to 60.

Preparation Process

1. Initial Survey - Improvement ideas and issues will be asked for in a simple survey.
2. Fill Out and Return Surveys - Your office will send surveys to The Leadership Project office.
3. Surveys Summarized - We will summarize the ideas and issues and send them back to you for ranking.
4. Issues Ranked - The participants in the session who filled out the surveys will rank the list of summarized issues in order of importance and send them back to us.
5. Rankings Summarized - Kelly Gerling will summarize the rankings and send them back to each person.
6. People Volunteer - People volunteer ahead of time to step up and take care of the most highly ranked issues in the session.
7. Take Care of Issues - When we have our VBL Advanced Development Session, we'll take care of as many issues as we can, in order of importance. Naturally, we can be successful as long as we have people who volunteer to step up and participate.

What We Do in the Session

Benefits of VBL Development Sessions

Developing Internal VBL Facilitators

It is important to develop a person or persons who will do VBL facilitation within the organization on both a proactive and as needed basis. That will accelerate the process of integrating VBL skills into the daily life of the organization.