VBL Client Documents
(VBL Client Documents are written by Kelly Patrick Gerling, Ph.D.)

There are a number of documents that we make available to our individual and organizational clients. Here is a list of current documents:

VBL Survey -- This survey allows organizations to get detailed feedback about the extent to which individuals are learning and using VBL skills in their work lives.

VBL Reference Guide -- This 32-page booklet describes the major VBL skills as well as how to use them. It is especially useful in reference to implementing the feedback provided by the VBL Survey.

VBL Kit -- The VBL Kit consists of the VBL Reference Guide, the laminated, color VBL charts, and a set of 40 laminated 3 inch by 5 inch cards, color-coded to match the VBL charts. It is packaged in an attractive ring binder. The charts are described below.

VBL Strategy Chart -- A chart that shows the dynamic relationship between the nine classic situations that face leaders in organizations, the eight inner capabilities, the eight outer capabilities, the various victim cycle antidotes for healing.

VBL Victim or Leader Chart -- This color chart shows the various choices that define the difference between being a leader and being a victim.

VBL Victim Cycle and Leadership Cycle Chart -- This color chart shows the details of not only the victim cycle and the leadership cycle, but also shows how to make the transition from victim to leader.

VBL Flow Chart -- This chart (written with the support of David Smith and Marian Richards) shows how we can interactively move through a conceptual landscape towards fulfilling values while preventing the harm that arises from victim behavior and the victim cycle.

VBL Website -- The VBL website allows members of client organizations to access the details of the Values-Based® Leadership system. Clients who have particular problems can explore use the website to prepare for the situations based on the type of situation they are facing. They can use the above charts to gain easy access to pinpoint the VBL skills that will help the most.

These charts, learning documents and the VBL website are available for clients, once VBL consulting or training commences.