How to Know if VBL is for You

If you are happy with your organization the way it is now and see no need for real change, then there is no reason to read on. However, if change is what you dream of, and the question you ask is; "How do we achieve it?" then we may have something for you.

If you choose to work with us, then you'll embark on an exciting journey. Values-based Leadership is a process not a program . . . a process that helps leaders transform their organizations so they better fulfill timeless values.

Values are deep, inner feelings of what is important. Discover what your values are. What values are personal, based on your individual history? What values are timeless, shared by nearly everyone? What values are personal and timeless? What is the unique mission that springs from your values? How can you fully activate and bring forth your values, whenever you choose? How can you as a leader assist others in fully activating their values? How can you lead others to lead themselves, so leaders emerge throughout the organization?

The answers to these questions come from a process called the leadership cycle. This process helps you activate your values and put them into action. Through a series of assessments, structured discovery exercises and team-building activities, you will practice the leadership cycle and more. The result? Together, we'll create an environment of accelerated learning. As you use your values consistently, your business relationships embody them and the organization reflects them more fully.

Next, you and your colleagues will focus on how to activate and develop your vital leadership capabilities. You'll explore the eight primary inner capabilities. You'll also develop and practice certain outer capabilities-those skills most needed by your particular group.

Additionally, you'll explore two questions:

"What future do I desire, both for myself and the organization?"

"What kinds of relationships are necessary to create that future?"

While the community spirit of your group grows, each person can shape the vision of the organization and the relationships needed to help make that vision come true. And when that happens you are of mastering the kind of leadership needed to create a special kind of organization . . . one based on the timeless values of its people, and the customers they serve . . . a Values-based organization.